Consultation Fees

Apart from this some General surgical and Selected Eye-Ophthalmic diseases will be treated
with conservative medical treatment, the cases requiring Minimal Invasive Para Surgical
treatment may be treated at Delhi or Mumbai as per convenience or may be referred to my
associates practicing in different cities in India or else where.
The advised medicines are to be purchased from the local shops, in selected cases selected 1-2
medicines will be delivered on payment by courier.
The indicated list of diseases is symbolic, any other diseases may be treated depends on the
details received.
The Consultation fees Rs.300 (Three Hundred only), Foreign Citizens 8 USD or 6 Euro for threeĀ months period, to be paid through inter net banking.

All correspondences will be through e-mail, I do not prefer to have the telephonic or Mobile

conversation; the response to e-mails will be within 3-4 days in exceptional cases within a week
Apart from therapy services those who are interested to know their
Prakruti=Bio-Identity (Dosha Predominance) may avail the services on
Payment of fees, please contact