Ayurveda Treatment


It is always better to seek the advice and treatment in person from the expert Doctors as this is an ideal method of medical treatment. But if such ideal situation is not available then Internet
medical advices and treatment may be preferred, now a day such mode of treatment is common
through out the world.
Here the advised Treatment will be holistic considering System Biology approach of Ayurveda,
consisting of advices related to Diet, Herbal Supplements / Formulations and Physical and
Mental Activities > as Suitable to the disease conditions.
Prior to the treatment advices the written consent from the patient is essential, the chronic or
critical patients may send the detail reports for treatment. In general exclusively Chronic Cases
will be treated, the filling of detail information in an attached Format and attachment of all
investigations is essential to seek the proper treatment advices. The secrecy of patients will be
strictly observed and in rare cases for scientific purposes if case reporting is required in such
cases the patients personal details will not be revealed.
Mainly all chronic diseases, Metabolic and Life style related diseases will be treated, list of some
selected diseases:

Oligospermia Erectile Dysfunction Obesity Control Diabetes Control
Arthritis Osteoporosis Low Back Pain Allergy
Galactogauge (enhancing lactation) Menstrual disorders
Breast development Local
and Oral Med.
PCOD- Polycystic
Ovarian Disease
Liver disorders  Gall Stone  Renal Dysfunction  Anti-Aging
Alopecia Areata  Antidandruff  Vitiligo  Acne
Irritable Bowel Syndrome-IBS  Constipation  Urinary Calculi  Cancer Care
Post-Operative / Traumatic / Lymphatic
Obstructive and Chronic
Filarial Edema
Hypertrophied Scar
/ Keloid
 Urinary Calculi  Urethral Stricture
Macular Degeneration
 Glaucoma-Control  Dry Eye Syndrome Any Other Chr.
Disease Condition







Patient’s Information:

1. I hereby authorize the Ayurvedic Doctor to prescribe / advice the medicines to me based on my detail information provided to him. I will follow the regimen as advised, in rare if any problem occurs I will stop the Medicine and inform to the Doctor. All risk and responsibility lies on me.

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